The Best in Bird Feeding, Delivered!

After 23 years Birdwatch has transitioned from retail store to 100% home delivery.

The business continues to provide premium quality wild bird seed and specialty feeding accessories to Toronto-area bird enthusiasts. As an experienced birder and long-time feeder, I can help you maximize the joys of feeding our feathered friends.

The changeover from store operator to home delivery is a safe choice and very much a reflection of the times we live in. You may contact me at the same phone number as always (416-785-9222) or by the new email address (

I can assist you with any questions on bird feeding or feeder set-ups, and payments are made through me by phone. No third-party payment processing is involved.

Deliveries are made mid-week so please place your order by Mondays at noon to ensure Wednesday delivery. Also, there are many very good specials on remaining products from the store's closing inventory. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


seed & feed

We sell only the finest wild bird seed by Mill Creek Seed Co. in Ontario.

  • Premium quality wild bird seed
  • Squirrel-Free blend
  • Garden friendly mix
  • Suet / Hummingbird and more!
  • All sizes available
Birdwatch Delivery seed


We have the selection you never imagined!

  • squirrel proof
  • hummingbird feeders
  • suet feeders
  • hopper feeders
  • window feeders
  • platform feeders
  • tube feeders
  • peanut feeders
Birdwatch Delivery feeders


Complete hardware needs, including:

  • shepherd hooks
  • selection of poles
  • ground mounts
  • squirrel baffles
  • hooks and brackets
Birdwatch Delivery hardware